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Dialysis Patient Gets Sever Headaches is there Any Thing He Can Do to Prevent It

2015-02-10 14:46

Dialysis Patient Gets Sever Headaches is there Any Thing He Can Do to Prevent ItMy husband gets sever headaches during dialysis and then vomits is there any thing he can do to help prevent this ? If you want to know the ways to solve it, you should to know the reasons first. So in the following part, i will give you the reasons before give the ways to solve it.

Why dialysis patient will get sever headaches ?

Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome

This case often occurs in patient who take dialysis in his first time, or patients who can not accept dialysis regularly. Before taking dialysis, toxins in the blood are homogeneous. The toxins outside cells is much easier to be excreted than the inside, and this causes the imbalance consistence between cells and blood. The fluid outside cells will enter into cells under the function of osmotic pressure, which causes the edema of cells, then patients have headache.

High blood pressure

Blood pressure of dialysis patient is not stable, and most patients’ blood pressure will increase in the process of dialysis, thus leading to headache easily.

The imbalance of electrolytes

The imbalance of electrolytes is a common symptom in dialysis. The imbalance of phosphorus and calcium, and aluminum poison are the common causes of headache.

How to relieve sever headaches occurred during dialysis ?

If you want to relieve it effectively, you should make corresponding measures according to the causes.

To ease headache caused by this kind of syndrome, guiding dialysis rationally is an effective method.

The blood pressure can go back normal after having a good rest, or take some hypotensive drugs if patient have high blood pressure.

You should make a fit diet plan to supply enough nutritions to the body that is helpful for keeping balance of electrolytes.

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