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What will Happen if Dialysis Patient not Take Their Routine Dialysis

2015-04-11 13:42

Dialysis,What will Happen if Dialysis Patient not Take Their Routine DialysisWhat will happen if dialysis patient not take their routine dialysis ? Actually, if patient not take dialysis according to the doctor’s construction or not to do it, they will be in big trouble, more complication will occur, and the disease will goes worse and worse. Fortunately, there are some alternative therapies which can help people live better without dialysis.

As we all know dialysis is the most common therapy for the treatment of kidney failure, adequate dialysis can help people to live longer and better. But due to many reasons some people can not take adequate dialysis, so their life quality is reduced greatly. Some of them may suffer more pains than the people who never take it.

Are there any alternative therapies can help people live better without dialysis ?

Actually, there are some other therapies can help people live better without dialysis, the most common one is kidney transplant, which can solve the kidney problem totally, but people have to take some anti-rejection medicines for the rest of life. In addition, the new kidney may goes fail again.

Except transplant there is another way to solve kidney problem that is known as Chinese Herbal Medicine, the most well-known one is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, It is an innovation of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine. With the help of this therapy, people who are undergoing dialysis can reduce the times of it, if they are lucky enough, they may get rid of it. For people who have not take dialysis, they can avoid it. If you want to know more information about this therapy, you can chat with our online doctor directly, they can provide more information for free.

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