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Creatinine Level 8.9 but No Decrease after Dialysis What is the Reason

2015-05-08 15:51

Creatinine Level 8.9 but No Decrease after Dialysis What is the ReasonCreatinine level high up to 8.9 and no decrease after dialysis what is the reason ? In clinic, dialysis is one of the common ways to reduce the high creatinine level, so most of the people thought that the creatinine level will goes down after dialysis. However, you may don’t know that the inadequate dialysis and some other factors may keep the creatinine level high even after the dialysis.

Why inadequate dialysis can not decrease the high creatinine level ?

You know, dialysis as one of the replacement of kidneys, it can do part of the kidney’s job that is to discharge the extra fluid and wastes out of the blood, so after taking dialysis some of the symptoms of kidney failure, such as high creatinine level will got relieved. But inadequate dialysis can not achieve this goal, so even after dialysis the creatinine level still keep high.

How to reduce the high creatinine level without dialysis ?

One of the important tips is to make a diet plan according to your own condition. You know a fir diet not only can relieve the high creatinine level but also can increase the curative effect.

But the key point to reduce the high creatinine level is to find some alternative therapies which can help patient live better without dialysis. Here i recommend you Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy-one of the most famous innovation of traditional Chinese Medicine, which can improve the kidney function by repairing the damaged kidney tissues and protecting the residual ones from further damage. If kidney failure patient can get this kind of therapy before taking dialysis they may get a chance live a high quality life without dialysis.

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