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Cramps in Dialysis What are the Reason and How to Relieve It

2015-05-12 15:10

Cramps in Dialysis What are the Reason and How to Relieve ItCramps in dialysis what is the reason and how to relieve it ? Cramps as one of the side-effect of dialysis will affect patient’s life quality in some degree, so it really make people annoyed. So how to relieve cramps occurred in dialysis has become a hot topic, in the following i will give you some related information about cramps in dialysis, hoping it can help you.

What are the reasons of cramps in dialysis ?

Muscle cramps are more commonly associated with low blood pressure. It also can occur when you are below your dry weight. The severe muscle cramps experienced near the end of the dialysis treatment and persisting for a time after dialysis often is due to dehydration.

How to relieve cramps in dialysis ?

When you are cramping and have low blood pressure, the dialysis staff may give normal saline, which can increase the fluid in your body and muscle cramps may be relieved. In addition, hypertonic saline or glucose may be given. Heat and massage for the cramping muscle can ease the pain. For chronic leg cramps, they may prescribe Quinine, Carnitine or another medication. To avoid cramping, be sure to stick to your fluid and sodium restrictions every day. Maintaining a balance between your dry weight and fluid gains is necessary

Actually, here is another way to solve this problem that is to take some alternative therapies of dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese Medicine it can help people live better by relieving those side-effects of dialysis. Moreover, it also can help patient get rid of dialysis by improving the lower kidney function.

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