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How Many Years People Can live with Dialysis

2013-10-06 15:11

How Many Years People Can live with DialysisHow many years people can live with dialysis? Dialysis is regarded as the last life-sustaining method for kidney failure patients who fail to find a matched kidney. It is used to replace damaged kidneys to remove toxins in blood; but disappointedly, it can not work as well as a real kidney. What is worse, the survival rate of dialysis patients decreases over time.

How many years people can live with dialysis?

For dialysis patients, their life span and life expectancy depend on many aspects such as their diet, nursing care and illness condition. Therefore, life span for dialysis patients differs from case to case. Even though, there is a general reference value. It is said the average life expectancy of dialysis patients is 4 years. Their survival rate within one year is close to 80%, 64% through two years, 33% after five years and 10% through 10 years.

How to prolong life span with kidney failure?

Dialysis is needed when there are high levels of toxins in blood, but it is not the only life-sustaining method. For patients with kidney failure, if they have urine output, they can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which shows effects in increasing kidney condition. For patients on dialysis, when their GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is increased to 15, they can get rid of dialysis and also their life span can be increased successfully.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treatment that is based on Chinese herbs and advanced medical device. In this treatment, herbs are used externally and device, say permeameter, is used to help effective ingredients in herbs get into kidney injury directly. In this way, treatment effects of Chinese herbs on kidney damages can be improved greatly.

Lastly, although kidney failure is life-threatening and dialysis is torturous, I believe we will finally defeat kidney problem and live a longer and better life.

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