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How Long to Live after Stopping Dialysis

2013-10-05 17:05

How Long to Live after Stopping DialysisHow long to live after stopping dialysis? Dialysis is life-sustaining but torturous; so many dialysis patients hesitate to stop dialysis, but they are afraid they are going to the end of life after stopping dialysis. Today, we will give an introduction about how long one can live after stopping dialysis and how to get off dialysis successfully.

Dialysis is a medical procedure and needed by kidney failure patients as it can replace failed kidneys to clear wastes from blood. However, the problem is kidney function can not be improved after dialysis; so once kidney failure patient start dialysis, they usually need to do it repeatedly. And when they stop dialysis, toxins will quickly build up in their blood. These toxins circulate with blood and may cause damages on other internal organs. Heart failure is the most common complication of kidney failure and also the leading cause of death of kidney failure. It is said kidney failure patients can only live as short as one to four weeks after they stop dialysis. Therefore, without doctors’ permission, kidney failure patients should not stop or miss dialysis casually.

For kidney failure patients, dialysis is needed as kidneys can not filter blood and remove waste produces out of the blood. Therefore, only when a new kidney is transplanted into to patients’ body or only when impaired kidney function is restored, can patients stop dialysis. Kidney transplant is an option for kidney failure patients, but it is really hard to find a matched kidney. Under such a condition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested. It is a herbal treatment and has been proven to be able to activate injured kidney cells and help them to function again. In this way, kidney function can be improved and as long as GFR is increased to 15, patients can stop dialysis successfully and also they can live a longer and better life.

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