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What Kinds of Side-Effects will the Dialysis Bring and How to Relive Them

2015-06-07 15:34

What Kinds of Side-Effects will the Dialysis Bring and How to Relive ThemWhat kinds of side-effects will the dialysis bring and how to relive them ? For kidney failure patients who are ready to take dialysis those two questions are the things they want to know the most. In the following i will give you some relative informations, hoping it can help you in some degree.

What kinds of side-effects will the dialysis bring ?

For the dialysis, it is just like a artificial machine to replace the kidney to clear the toxins. It can relieve the symptoms of kidney disease by doing parts of the kidneys’ function. However, once start the dialysis in long time, it is hard to get rid of the dialysis. Besides, dialysis just can clear the micromolecule toxins (such as creatinine and urea etc),there still have the middle and macromolecule toxins(CycC, HYT,IL-6 etc),they launched within the blood capillaries, then will damage the kidney function through the blood circulation. So, with long time of dialysis, patients will suffer a lot, such as anemia, vomiting, nausea, epilepsy, heart problem etc. Just rely on the dialysis, the kidney will be smaller and smaller, even lost the whole kidney function, the urine output will be less and less, even no urine.

How to relive all those side-effects bring by dialysis ?

First, you should make a fit diet plan according to your own condition which will really help you. The next thing, also is the most important thing is to find some treatments which can help you to reduce the times of dialysis, if possible, to help you get rid of it. Then, you can have a quality life.

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