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Why Kidney Failure Patient Feel Headache after Dialysis

2015-10-02 16:58

Why Kidney Failure Patient Feel Headache after DialysisWhy kidney failure patient feel headache after dialysis ? In fact, dialysis as one of the most common treatment of kidney failure, it can help patient live better by doing parts of kidneys’ work. However, it also will bring some side-effect and complications while relieving those symptoms of kidney failure, you know headache is one of them.

Why kidney failure patient feel headache after dialysis ?

Headache is a neuropathy problem and always occur because of rapid fluctuation of blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte disbalance in dialysis and change of dialysis fluid. We know dialysis works by filtering blood outside the body in which excessive fluids are filtered. During dialysis, our brain tissue does not release wastes as fast as our body tissues, which cause brain tissue to pull in extra water and thus resulting in swelling. Consequently, we feel headache. Aside from it, rapid fluctuation of blood pressure also may cause

Dialysis headache is characterized by occurring during hemodialysis, disappearing within 72 hours after dialysis, emerging at least half of the hemodialysis sessions and by at least three attacks with these properties. To prevent headache, people with dialysis need to control their blood pressure into normal range, reduce salt intake and do not change dialysis fluid casually. But the key point should be find some alternative therapies of dialysis, so that can help those patients get rid of all those side-effects bring by dialysis.

What kind of therapy can be the alternative of dialysis ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the perfect combination of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine and modern high technology, it can help patient get rid of or reduce the times of dialysis gradually by improving kidney function. Therefor, it is one of the best alternative therapies of dialysis.

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