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How to Treat High Uric Acid in Dialysis

2016-07-25 14:56

In general, dialysis can help patient to reduce the high uric acid level, but due to many reasons, the uric acid level may stays in high level, so the patients are very concerned with this problem. Then, how to treat high uric acid in dialysis?

In fact, there are many reasons can induce high uric acid for dialysis patients include: insufficient dialysis, taking immunosuppressive drugs, underactive thyroid, purine-rich diet, continue loss of kidney function and so on. So for the patient, they should treat it according to the underlying causes.

First, they should avoid purine-rich diet, like organ meat, game meat, anchovies, herring, gravy, dried beans, mushrooms and other foods.

Then, they should keep adequate dialysis, that is helpful for reducing the high uric acid level.

Why dialysis cannot reduce high uric acid level totally?

The fact is that dialysis is unable to treat any kinds of kidney diseases, it can only partly replace the functions of kidneys. If the kidney damage can not be repaired, long-term of taking dialysis can only cause the continue loss of kidney function, in that case, high uric acid, high creatinine levels, decreased urine output and some other symptoms will appear. Till nearly all of the kidney function will lost, kidney transplant will become the last choice.

As a dialysis patient with high uric acid level, if you still have some certain urine output, i recommend you Chinese herbal medicines which can play a series of functions that the western medicines can not achieve to help repair kidney damage and recover kidney function. As long as the kidney function can be recovered, high uric acid will go back to the normal level, also dialysis frequency will be gradually reduced.

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