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Creatinine Level Stays in 8.1 after Dialysis: How to Reduce It

2016-08-07 17:53

Dialysis as one of the common treatment of kidney failure it aims at relieving those symptoms such as high creatinine level, so if your creatinine level stays high after taking dialysis that means you are not sensitive to dialysis, it is a dangerous signal for you.

Creatinine level stays high after dialysis what does that mean?

One of the main functions of dialysis is to reduce the high creatinine level, so if your creatinine level stays high that is a bad signal. The high creatinine level indicates that the current treatment fails to control the disease well and effective strategies are necessary to better lower the high level. Otherwise, the situation will goes worse and your life will be great danger.

How to reduce creatinine level of 8.1 after dialysis?

The most important point is to prevent further decline of kidney function and try to raise the overall renal capacity. Holistic approach known as Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended to ensure such curative effects. With the help of this treatment, patient with creatinine 8.1 not only can lower their creatinine level but also can get a chance to get rid of dialysis and live a quality life.

From the above we can know that as long as the patients can adopt Toxin-Removing Treatment in time, they can reduce their dependency on dialysis, even get off dialysis successfully. If you want to lower your high creatinine level without dialysis, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to help you.

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