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How to Solve Sleeping Problem in Dialysis

2016-08-08 17:04

How to Solve Sleeping Problem in DialysisIn fact, sleeping problem in dialysis may related to the itching skin or other reasons, so as long as we can find the underlying causes and get the proper treatment timely, we can solve this problem.

How can sleeping problem affect the patient’s life?

Sleeping problem affect 50-80% of patients on dialysis, it affect the quality of life significantly. Increasing evidence suggests that sleep disruption has a profound impact both on an individual and on a societal level. There are many reasons can lead to sleep disorders, such as biologic, social, and psychological factors. For people who are undergoing dialysis, the poor sleeping quality may affect the curative effect or make the disease goes worse.

Is it possible to solve sleeping problem in dialysis?

The treatment of sleeping problem is often challenging. There are only a few studies specifically addressing the management of this sleep disorder in patients with chronic renal disease. But that not means you can not solve this problem, as long as you can find the root causes you can cure it, at least can have a better sleep.

How to solve sleeping problem for dialysis patient?

For dialysis patients the better way to solve the sleeping problem is to find some ways to help them get rid of dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a good choice, by repairing the damaged kidney tissue and protecting the remaining ones from further damage, it can improve the kidney function. With the disease goes well, those symptoms caused by dialysis, such as sleeping problem can be solved totally.

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