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The Causes and Treatment of Abdominal Pain Caused by Peritoneal Dialysis

2016-10-07 15:47

The Causes and Treatment of Abdominal Pain Caused by Peritoneal DialysisPeritoneal dialysis can be used to remove the wastes, toxins and extra water depositing in the blood. However, when it works as an artificial kidney, it may cause some complications, and abdominal pain is one of them.

What are the causes and treatment of abdominal pain caused by peritoneal dialysis?

As we all know the abdominal pain may be caused by different causes, so the patients should choose the correct treatment depending on their specific condition. The following is to introduce these causes and the related treatments in detail.

◆ Peritonitis

Although peritonitis has been prevented effectively with the development of dialyzer, peritonitis can still occur in some cases. As a result of peritonitis, abdominal pain, high fever and chill also happen. To treat peritonitis, the right antibiotic is essential. In addition, changing peritonitis into IPD is also very important.

◆ The dialyzate is too cold or too warm

It is more likely to cause abdominal pain if the dialyzate is too cold or too warm. The related treatment is to heat the dialyzate carefully and control it between 35℃ and 37℃.

◆ Inject too much liquid or gas to the enterocoelia

Reducing the osmotic pressure of dialyzate and the speed of the liquid injecting is able to avoid this cause. If the patient feels abdominal pain, he should tell the doctor immediately.

◆ Some other diseases

Some other diseases such as peptic ulcer, acute pancreatitis and acute appendicitis all can cause abdominal pain. Identifying these diseases can also help the doctor take the correct treatment.

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