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The Natural Therapies for Dialysis Patients

2017-02-06 11:49

In the public eye,dialysis is a commonly accepted way for improving kidney failure patients’ life quality. Until now,it has operated experienced and technical in current society. As every coin has two sides,there are a series of side effect such as vomiting,headache,muscle cramps and so on. Given all these illustration we discussed ,it is crucial for kidney failure patients to attach great attention on how to deal with their illness condition without dialysis? As a matter of fact, there are various natural therapies that also play a weighty role in treating kidney disease. Among these natural therapies , exist seven traditional Chinese therapies which apply natural methods like acupuncture,medicated bath to fix impaired kidney function. I will introduce several Chinese therapies to you. The content is following below,hope all of you suffering from pain and tough would find something needful to your illness.

Moxibustion therapy

The purpose of moxibustion therapy is aiming at adjusting healthy qi and strengthening healthy qi into human body system.Adjust qi and blood in meridians by moxibustion, making flow of qi and blood smooth, harmonizing viscera, and nourishing and fixate defensive qi. In this way, body resistance can be restored. The therapeutic aim of retaining healthy qi in human body and resisting attack of pathogenic factors is achieved

Medicated bath is one external application of traditional Chinese medicines ,it apply several Chinese traditional medicines into water which contributes to release toxin and other waste living in your body system through skin and benefit to build up physical strength while taking the bath. It is highly recommended by Chinese herbal practitioners.

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