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Why Do Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Suffer from Itching

2013-11-09 13:58

Why Do Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Suffer from ItchingWhy do peritoneal dialysis patients suffer from itching? Skin itching is a very bothersome symptom. It makes us unable in concentrating on what we are doing. Also, we may have to stay awake all the night as we have to scratch ourselves frequently. In our reality, side from patients who have skin problem, skin itching is also very common among patients with peritoneal dialysis. Why is this? Will peritoneal dialysis cause itchy skin?

Peritoneal dialysis is usually used by patients whose kidneys are failed completely. Kidney is responsible for removing wastes in the blood; when kidney is damaged severely, toxins will buildup in the blood. Under such a condition, we need to make some measures to purify blood; otherwise, other internal organs will be damaged. Peritoneal dialysis is just such a method that can help to clear wastes away from blood.

Peritoneal dialysis is helpful for kidney failure patients, but long-term usage of this method will cause many other problems and skin itching is just one of them. For people who sustain their life from peritoneal dialysis, they usually experience skin itching due to the following several factors:

1. Buildup of phosphorus in the blood: Peritoneal dialysis helps to purify blood, but in some cases, it does not work well, which can lead to the buildup of phosphorus and thus cause skin itching.

2. Allergy to dialyzer: In some cases of peritoneal dialysis, patients may find they begin to feel itchy at the beginning of peritoneal dialysis. In such a case, skin itching may appear due to the allergy to dialyzer.

3. Nerve damages due to toxins in blood: For patients with kidney failure, toxins circulate with blood. These toxins may damage any part of patients’ body and skin itching appears when nerve system is affected these toxins.

For patients with peritoneal dialysis, since they may experience itching due to different factors, so they need to take different measures. Here we offer online service. If you are suffering from itching due to peritoneal dialysis, you can send your test report to us: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. We can help you figure out the real cause and give you some useful remedies.

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