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Is It A Must for the Patient with Creatinine 6.5 to Go For Dialysis

2017-05-05 15:51

Is It A Must for the Patient with Creatinine 6.5 to Go For Dialysis“Good morning sir. My father is nearly 59 years old. Yesterday, due to weakness, we consulted physician doctor. They told that his creatinine leave is 6.5 and suggested doing dialysis. My father is looking normal, only weakness. Is it a must for him to go for dialysis?” Many patients, their family members and friends have asked us whether the patients with creatinine 6.5 can avoid dialysis or not.

As a matter of fact, dialysis is no longer the only way to help the kidney disease patient whose creatinine level is 6.5, through the dialysis is the first options for the patients with creatinine 6.5 in many countries.

In clinical, creatinine is considered as an index of renal function. On the basic of the clinical reports, the creatinine level won’t go up unless more than half of the kidney is injured. So that, the creatinine 6.5 shows us the kidney has been damaged seriously.

In addition to, dialysis can not treat the patients from the root and leads to many side effects. The patients wonder if there are alternative treatments to dialysis?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which becomes more and more popular in the world as a result of its safety and good effectivity is a kind of Chinese medicine which makes use of herbs from nature to treat the patients from root. It is able to repair the disease cells of the kidney by enlarging the blood vessels, accelerating the blood circulation, enhancing the immunity, increasing the kidney self-cure ability and finishing other functions.

When the renal function is improved, the creatinine will be reduced, the dialysis is not in need, and the patients will have a better life.

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