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Can I Get Rid of Dialysis with Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2017-05-18 11:02

Can I Get Rid of Dialysis with Stage 5 Kidney FailureGenerally speaking, the patients who are in the situation of stage 5 kidney failrue will have to many discomforts, even have the risk of life as the kidney is unalbe to remove the excess and harmful substances from body any more. Therefore, in many countries the doctor will make use of the dialysis to help the patients alleviate symptoms and prolong life, though dialysis is not a correct treatment to the patients. In the meanwhile, diallysis will bring lots of suffering to the patients. So that, more and more stage 5 kidney failure patients asked “Can I get rid of dialysis?

As a matter of fact, whether the stage 5 kidney failure patients can get rid of dialysis or not depends on the patients’ illness conditions. Only if the patients still have urine output, there are chances for the patients to cast off dialysis. Besides, we can help the patients to ease the side effects of dialysis safely and effectively.

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Here I will introduce Hot Compress Therapy as an example.

Hot Compress Therapy is one of the charactristic treatments in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is to hot press the patients’ Shenshu area with Chinese Medicines. According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the healthy qi in the body will be increased through the treatment. In another word, the human immunity and the kidney self-healing ability will be enhanced. So, the renal function will be improved. As a result, the patients can extend the cyclical period of dialysis, even to get rid of dialysis.

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