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Can Creatinine 854 and Urea 103 Refuse Dialysis

2017-07-08 15:48

Can Creatinine 854 and Urea 103 Refuse DialysisWith the development of society, progress of medicine and prolongation of life, an increasing number of kidney disease patients are eager for living away for dialysis. While, can creatinine 854 and urea 103 refuse dialysis?

Why the patients have creatinine 854 and urea 103?

The reason why the patients have creatinine 854 and urea 103 is that there are various toxins and wastes are retained in the body. Besides, these toxins and wastes which should be removed from body by the kidney will injure the kidney and decrease the effects of the other treatments. In other worlds, the patients need to accept a treatment to clean away the toxins and wastes so as to stop injury of the kidney.

How is it that the patients want to avoid dialysis?

Dialysis is a common technology to filter the blood by a medical machine instead of the renal function. It can arrest the repeated rise of high creatinine level and urea. Moreover, it can lead to itching skin, poor appetite, muscle cramp and other side effects. The most important thing is that the renal function will be less to none gradually with dialysis, at that time, kidney transplant will be the only way to treat the patients. So that, the patients do not want to start dialysis.

what is the better treatment to the patients with creatinine 854 and urea 103?

I recommend the patients take Toxin-Removing Therapy to get rid of the toxins and wastes. Later, a cleaned and salutary surrounding will come out for the kidney to get well. And the kidney will be stopped from impairing. In the meanwhile, the patients can take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to recover the renal function. Both Toxin-Removing Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy have less side effects compared with dialysis and kidney transplant.

When the diseased renal cells and tissues are impaired, the renal function is increased, the creatinine 854 will be reduced, the urea 103 will diminished, and the patients have no demand to take dialysis.

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