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GFR 9% and Weakness, Is Dialysis Needed

2017-07-31 15:29

GFR 9% and Weakness, Is Dialysis NeededGFR, Glomerulus Filtration Rate, shows there are only 9% of the kidney working well. If the patients also have weakness, is dialysis needed in this case?

As a matter of fact, whether the patients need dialysis depends of the GFR, symptoms and complication the patients undergoing, the patients’ endurance and other factors. However, if the patients with GFR 9% and weakness do not start dialysis, please take test regularly. But do you know the dialysis is no longer the only way to help the patients with GFR 9% and weakness?

In China, there are Chinese medicines including Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy, Cycle Therapy and Immunotherapy used to treat the patients from root naturally.

Toxin-Removing Therapy.

The deposited toxins and waste products which should be eliminated from body by the kidney will make the further damage to the renal cells and tissues. What is more, they can reduce the influence of other treatments. So Toxin-Removing Therapy is required to clean up the internal environment. With the natural treatment, the kidney will be protected from injuring.

Full Bath Therapy.

It is a safer and handier way to treat the patients as the renal function will be improved while bathing the whole body with Chinese medicines. Meanwhile, it can carry the unnecessary things out of body.

Cycle Therapy.

The medical mud filled with the essence of Chinese medicines will be used to draw the gyrate cycles on the special skin for the sake of adjusting the healthy qi in the body and promoting the kidney to regain.

When the kidney is recovered, the weakness will fade away, the GFR will be improved, and the patients can live a better life.

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