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How Soon Does Toxin Build Up Once Dialysis Is Stopped

2013-11-21 11:49

How Soon Does Toxin Build Up Once Dialysis Is StoppedHow soon does toxin build up once dialysis is stopped? It is one big concern for nearly all dialysis patients. Since the main function of kidneys is to cleanse blood, the deposits of toxins are the largest threat to dialysis patients’ life. How about the answer?

Searching the internet, you will find out there is no unitive answer to this question, because the answer should depend on how much kidney function the patients still have, whether they has other health problems, the foods they eat and lifestyle they have. Therefore, we can only give these patients a general answer.

According to American Kidney Foundation guidelines, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease are recommended to begin dialysis when their kidney function declines to 15% or less. If dialysis is stopped, the remaining kidney function will try their best to eliminate waste products and toxins. However, diseased kidneys are unable to work efficiently. Therefore, more and more toxins build up in the blood after stopping dialysis.

Without kidney replacement therapy, the build up of toxins can cause life-threatening complications. In view of this, to make kidney patients stop dialysis safely, some alternative treatments are needed. Here, we have several suggestions.

- Blood polluted therapy: This therapy focuses on cleansing blood before repairing damaged kidneys. With the help of various blood purification methods, it can remove most of toxins from the body, and then some herbal medicines are used to eliminate the remaining toxins. This can provide a good environment for the following treatment.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It is highly recommended for dialysis patients who still have urine. As an external application of TCM, it can make the active ingredients of medicines work on kidney area directly, so as to help prompt the restoration of damaged kidney cells. When kidney function is increased successfully, these patients can get rid of dialysis without toxin build up.

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