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Alternative Treatment That Can Help Reduce Dialysis

2013-11-24 12:00

Alternative Treatment That Can Help Reduce DialysisIs there any alternative or anything that can reduce dialysis? Although dialysis is the most direct way for kidney failure patients to sustain their life, too frequent usage of this method will bring lots of side effects or complications. Therefore, finding an alternative treatment to reduce dialysis is very meaningful for kidney failure patients.

Dialysis is needed for people suffering from kidney failure, as kidney takes charge of purifying blood. When kidney function is affected for some reason, toxins can not be removed timely. Consequently, toxins build up in the blood. This is the reason why dialysis is needed when kidneys fail to function properly. In medicine, for people whose kidneys have failed completely and also they have no urine output at all due to the failed kidney, there is no alternative treatment that can help them get rid of or reduce dialysis. However, for these who still have a certain kidney function, the following treatments can be used to improve kidney condition. And when kidney function is restored to be able to sustain one’s life, dialysis can be stopped under doctor’s direction.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Many Chinese medicines have been proven to be able to improve kidney function and the most commonly mentioned one includes Lei Gongteng, Dandelion and corn silk. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treatment based on Chinese medicine and in this treatment, Chinese medicines are used externally. Micro-Chinese medicines have function of dilating blood vessels, blocking inflammation, preventing coagulation and degradation. Owing to these functions, GFR can be increased and this means kidney work better than before. We know toxins are removed successfully while kidney filter blood, so when GFR is increased, much more toxins will be cleared away successfully within a certain time. In such a condition, dialysis can be reduced.


Immunotherapy is another available treatment for patients who are on dialysis. Immunotherapy is not an advanced treatment for kidney disease. It works better than many other treatments as it combines the advantages of Chinese medicine and western medicine effectively. With Immunotherapy, kidney function can be restored partially, which also helps to reduce dialysis.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell refers to a group of cells that are of function of self-renewing and self-differentiation. They can differentiate into a certain cell that we needed in a special living environment. Owing to this special ability, we can cultivate them and help them differentiate into kidney intrinsic cells. We know kidney works through different intrinsic cells and they play different role while kidney functions. When kidney intrinsic cells are injured and fail to function for some reasons, kidney function decreases. With stem cell treatment, we can get impaired kidney function improved and in this way, it is possible for kidney failure patients to reduce dialysis.

Kidney failure is treated differently in different countries, so if there is no alternative treatment that can help to reduce dialysis in your own country, you can try to seek alternatives in other countries. Do not give up any hope.

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