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Creatinine 6.7 and Urea 212 How to Prevent Dialysis

2017-09-26 15:32

Creatinine 6.7 and Urea 212 How to Prevent DialysisIn clinical practice, the patients accompanied with creatinine 6.7mg/dl and urea 212mg/dl will have diversiform toxic matters in the body as well as some symptoms referring to edema, proteinuria, nausea, poor appetite and so on. Besides, because of the shortcomings of dialysis, more and more people are curious about how to prevent dialysis for one with creatinine 6.7 and urea 212?

What are the reasons why creatinine level and urea level go up?

Medically, when the kidney can not completely fulfill its function to decontaminate the blood and keep the balance of electrolyte, the unwanted things covering creatinine and urea which should be primarily cleared away by the kidney will be gathered in the body. Which will also provide the patients with many sufferings. Ultimately, the patients have no option other than dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong life.

What is the approach to refuse dialysis naturally?

If the patients can get rid of the deposited poisons totally, can the dialysis be delayed. Additionally, only when the kidney function is rebuilt, can dialysis can prevented with flying colors.

In Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the doctor will give Toxin-Removing Therapy to help the patients maintain the illness conditions and create a rewarding setting for the kidney to resurret. The next step is to improve the kidney function by natural treatments concerning Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath and Immunotherapy.

When the kidney is restored, the creatinine 6.7 and urea 212 will be lessened, the symptoms will fade away, the patients can live a better life and the dialysis can be rejected successfully.

Is There something else the patients should take careful?

The people who are easy to be affected with kidney damage should pay close attention to diets and living style in daily routine. Otherwise, their kidneys will be worse and finally, they won’t get rid of dialysis or kidney transplant as there is no way to save the necrotic kidney intrinsic cells and tissues.

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