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How to Deal With Itching Skin If Patients Have Been On Dialysis

2017-10-20 17:07

How to Deal With Itching Skin If Patients Have Been On DialysisItching skin will impact appearance and life quality of the kidney disease patients. If the patients have been on dialysis, how to deal with itching skin?

What is the cause that the itching skin occurs?

Generally, as a good deal of toxins and redundant phosphorus are remained in the body because of the damaged kidneys and gathered in the skin, itching skin will appear. What is more, itching skin is a common symptom of dialysis, a technology to filter the blood by a medical machine.

How to treat itching skin for a dialysis patient?

The first step is to remove the toxins and extra phosphorus from the body. For reaching the goal, the patients had better not take in foods with phosphorus and medicines for detoxification. In China, the patients can do Toxin-Removing Therapy instead of dialysis to help the patients clean up the internal environment effectively since this treatment makes use of a series of natural treatments to enhance the clinic efficacy and reduce the side effects.

However, only by this way, the itching skin will relapse over and over again. So that, the patients can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or other natural treatments including Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Cycle Therapy, Foot Bath, Acupuncture and so on to treat the kidney damage with effects.

As a large amount of herbs are contained in these treatments to treat the patients according to the patients’ illness conditions as well as traditional Chinese medicine theories, the patients do not need to worry about the adverse effects.

When the kidney is repaired, the itching skin will be disappeared, and dialysis can be stopped.

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