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Do You Think My Dad Will Have To Go For Dialysis With S.creatinine 4.31

2018-03-28 11:51

Do You Think My Dad Will Have To Go For Dialysis With S.creatinine 4.31My dad S.creatinine level is 4.31. Now suddenly BP has increased a lot at 180-90. Although he is on proper medication and BP has now reduced to 150. His protein in urea is also very high. My concern is his kidney disease. Do you think he will have to go for dialysis. Please suggest.

If necessary, dialysis need to be done. Provided he doesn’t have any discomforts with such a high blood pressure, he can delay dialysis. But what he needed immediately is to make the blood pressure down.

You said he takes the proper medication, but it usually does not take effects as we expect for a renal high blood pressure. Usually, ACEI or ARB can be better. Besides, please limit fluid intakes including the water in the food or medicines, and do not eat salt and foods contain salt. These can help you lower the blood pressure.

According to your description, his creatinine level is 4.31, showing he is in the stage 3 kidney disease. Additionally, high blood pressure will worsen the kidneys quickly, so that, he can take the dialysis to lower it for preventing more kidney damage. Most patients in the third stage of kidney disease can cease dialysis when the symptoms are controlled well.

However, dialysis is not the best way for him. I commend him to try herbal medicine. For an example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to use the specific herbs externally to enlarge the blood vessels, remove the extra water and substances from the blood, offer enough blood and nutrients to the kidneys, and repair the diseased but not died renal cells. By this way, his blood pressure can be lowered, creatinine 4.31 can be cut down and the kidney function can be improved. Furthermore, dialysis is not a must.

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