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Kidneys are Working at 12% Rate Is There Still Chance to Refuse Dialysis

2018-04-13 15:24

Kidneys are Working at 12% Rate Is There Still Chance to Refuse DialysisKidneys are working at 12% rate, resulting in metabolic disorder, protein in urine, blood in urine, swelling and other problems, or even life-threatening symptoms. For this case, many doctor will suggest dialysis, a painful and effective process to keep the life vitals. Well, is there still chance to refuse dialysis?

Is dialysis helpful?

As we all know, dialysis is a good measure to reduce the complications and to prolong life. But it can not lead any cure to the diseased kidneys. In fact, as the blood is filtered by the machine, the kidneys can gain less blood flowing through, aggravating renal anoxia and renal anemia. Additionally, some toxins can not be completely taken away. As a result, the renal function will be less and less, and finally, the patients have to done transplant. Moreover, dialysis will induce muscle cramp, itching skin, poor appetite and other uneasiness.

Is kidney function 12% serious?

Frankly speaking, kidney function 12% presents the end stage kidney disease (uremia). What is worse, the patients have lost the best time to reverse the illness conditions. However, the patients is likely to control their illnesses and delay dialysis as long as possible.

How to put off dialysis?

The patients are in sore need of an integrated treatment including not only medicines, but also good nursing. In China, the patients with kidney function 12% can option Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath Therapy and so on to clean up the blood and to promote the revivification of kidneys.

For example, the patients will adopted Toxin-Removing Therapy covering some of the above natural treatments what are selected up in the light of the patients’ individual illness conditions to help the patients maintain a high quality life and to prevent dialysis successfully.

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