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When Need Kidney Disease Patients to Have Dialysis

2013-12-28 15:52

When Need Kidney Disease Patients to Have DialysisWhen need kidney disease patients to have dialysis? Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney disease patients when they are in stage 5 kidney disease or end stage renal failure. When kidney disease patients in a certain condition, they will recommend to have dialysis.

What are the effects of dialysis for kidney disease patients?

Kidneys have the function of filtering wastes and toxins in blood, and also remove the excess fluid in body. The metabolites will remove out from the urine and make the whole body function well. Once the kidneys fail to work, kidney patients are often recommended to have dialysis. Dialysis is a procedure that can replace several normal kidney functions, it can help remove the excess fluid and some toxins and wastes in body, which can allow the patients to live productive and useful lives, though their kidneys no longer work adequately.

When need kidney disease patients to have dialysis?

Kidneys patients are often recommended to have dialysis when the wastes and toxins in blood make them sick, and when patients have no urination, it means they need to have dialysis to remove the waste products. Otherwise, they will suffer from some serious symptoms and complication, which will be threaten their lives.

Doctors often measure whether patients need to dialysis depending on their creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen (BUN), as the two levels can indicate the decrease ability of the kidneys to cleanse the body of wastes products.

Alternative treatments other than dialysis

Dialysis is a general treatment for kidney disease patients, but it’s not the only way. Although dialysis can help patients to make the function of kidneys, but it may cause some bad effects for kidney patients, and once patients have dialysis, they need to have 2-3 dialysis per week. And kidney function will completely fail to work.

Here we recommend kidney patients who still urination to have an alternative treatment to remedy their kidney function. We recommend them to try Chinese Therapies, which can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve the kidney function. Only the kidney functions are improved, they can get rid of dialysis.

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