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When to Start Dialysis is Better for Kidney Failure Patients

2014-01-06 03:29

When to Start Dialysis is Better for Kidney Failure PatientsWhen to have dialysis is better for kidney failure patients? This is a common and unintelligible question for all the end stage kidney failure patients. As dialysis is a general treatment for kidney failure patients to substitute their damaged kidneys. However, some patients think an early start of dialysis will be better for them, but the other patients may think have dialysis late is more helpful. In this article, we will analyze when to start dialysis is better.

Why do patients think starting dialysis earlier is better for them?

As we know, dialysis is a common treatment for kidney disease patients. The kidneys have the function of filtering the wastes and toxins in blood and remove the excess fluid out of the body. Once the kidneys are damaged severely, they will fail to work normally. The wastes build up in blood and the fluid retention in body, which will cause serious symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, serious swelling and high blood pressure. Besides, the serious reduced kidney function will also cause some complications such as heart problems, breath shortness and some others.

So some patients often choose start dialysis early to remit and control their serious symptoms and make them much comfortable. Besides the early dialysis can also reduce the complications. However, the dialysis can substitute the kidneys to filter the wastes and excess fluid in body, but it can not remove all the wastes out. And dialysis cant prevent the progression of the kidney failure.

Why do some patients want to start dialysis as late as possible?

Some patients want to have dialysis as late as possible, when they cant endure the pain caused by kidney failure, they may start dialysis. They often think, dialysis will reduce the blood circulation in body and dialysis will damage the residual kidney function, and since they start dialysis, they need to live on dialysis all their life long. So they will choose dialysis as the final choice.

When to start dialysis is better for kidney failure patients?

In general, creatinine is often regarded as a measure to decide when kidney failure patients need to have dialysis. When the creatinine level is upper to 5 mg/dl, they are often recommended to start dialysis. However, the creatinine level is not the only standard for kidney failure patients to have dialysis, the other standards of dialysis is urination and discomforts. When kidney failure patients don’t have urination any more, they need to have dialysis. And some patients with a less than 5mg/dl creatinine level, but they experience serious symptoms, they need to have prompt dialysis.

So whether to dialysis is depending on the illness condition of kidney failure patients.

When your condition is not recommended to have dialysis, you can have some alternative treatments to treat your kidney disease, which will help you delay your dialysis or even make you get rd of dialysis. Want more information, ask the experts online.

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