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26 Years Old on Dialysis with 12% Kidney Function Alternative Therapy

2014-05-03 07:07

26 Years Old on Dialysis with 12% Kidney Function Alternative TherapyHere is an inquiry we got from one patient, he stated, “I am 26 years old on dialysis with 12% kidney function. Could you please suggest any alternative therapy to help me get off this treatment?” To help people who have similar doubt, we offer suggestions as below. Read on to learn more.

How are you? Sorry to hear that you are now on dialysis with 12% kidney function. You are still very young with age of 26 years old. We will try our best to help you get rid of the treatment and live a normal, long life.

Ahead of providing you with personalized advice, we need to know more of your illness condition. When did you start dialysis? What’s the primary cause of your renal failure? How about your current urine volume? Is there any other co-existing health issue or complications? You can Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com with the details. Our kidney doctors will analyze it and reply you promptly within 24 hours.

In order to get offer dialysis with 12% kidney function, you should adopt alternative and effective treatment to prevent further loss of kidney function, increase the blood and oxygen supply to the kidneys, repair the damaged renal cells and tissue, thus raising the overall kidney function. You can consult your doctor for the most suitable choice of treatment option.

Based on nearly 30 years’ expertise in treating kidney diseases, our kidney experts have developed a series of alternative treatment for renal failure. If you are interested to learn more detailed introduction, please check Here. In case you have anything unclear, feel free to let us know. Glad to share free help for your better improvement. Take care!

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