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Creatinine 7.1 after Two Months of Dialysis Is This Normal

2014-05-11 02:52

Creatinine 7.1 after Two Months of Dialysis Is This NormalDialysis, also known as artificial kidney, can perform the function of a damaged kidney, filtering the blood to remove wastes and returning purified blood to the body. Hence, the creatinine level usually returns to the normal range. So, the case of creatinine 7.1 after two months of dialysis is abnormal. What to do to solve this problem?

Before thinking about the corresponding solution, we should firstly make the underlying cause clear. As is known, dialysis is just a renal replacement therapy which fails to improve the kidney damage. While undergoing this therapy, renal function will still decline over time, causing high creatinine level again.

How to treat creatinine 7.1 after two months of dialysis?

By increase dialysis frequency and ensure adequate dialysis is a temporary method. In order to permanently reduce the high creatinine level, patients are recommended to find a holistic approach to prevent further renal impairment and repair the impaired kidney function. Only in this way, the problem can be fundamentally solved.

Here, we would like to advise such a systematic treatment called Blood Pollution Therapy. It is the latest development in treating kidney failure.

Through cleaning the blood and restore the overall renal function, Blood Pollution Therapy aims at treating kidney disease from the root cause. Advanced blood purification techniques and Chinese medicine remedies are selected to form the best treatment plan. To learn more detailed introduction about this option, please check Here

Creatinine 7.1 after two months of dialysis is abnormal and timely treatment should be conducted as soon as possible to reduce the high level. If you still have any question, please feel free to let us know. It’s our pleasure to share free help!

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