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Natural Chinese Medicine to Help Kidney Failure and GFR 13

2014-06-12 02:46

Natural Chinese Medicine to Help Kidney Failure and GFR 13Nowadays, more and more patients with Kidney Failure and GFR 13 are seeking for natural Chinese medicine treatment. Here, let’s look at this issue together. Have a question? Consult our online doctor for free and professional advice.

Based on many years’ clinical experiences and researches, the nation’s renowned nephrologists have developed a series of natural remedies to treat renal failure - Top Seven TCM Therapies.

Specific methods contained in this systematic treatment are hot compress therapy, enema, cycle therapy, moxibustion, full bath therapy, foot bath, and oral Chinese herb medicine. Certain therapies are chosen according to patient’s specific illness condition.

How can TCM therapies work to help Kidney Failure and GFR 13?

Firstly, it is essential to make a precise diagnosis of patient’s disease condition with the help of Immune Special Tests. Then, the most suitable treatment plan can be made to ensure satisfying curative effects.

Secondly, clean the blood and remove blood stasis by remedies like enema, cycle therapy, moxibustion, and full bath therapy. A favorable internal environment will be provided for further repairing the impaired kidneys.

Finally, repair the damaged renal inherent cells and significantly promote the overall kidney function with Hot Compress Therapy and oral Chinese herb medicine. Over time, GFR will be greatly raised. As long as the level can be increased to 15 or even above, patients can avoid or get rid of dialysis and enjoy a normal life with their own kidneys.

Now, you must have a general knowledge of natural Chinese medicine treatment for Kidney Failure and GFR 13. In case you still have any question, please leave your doubt in the message board as below. Our kidney doctor will reply you soon with the answer. Hope it really helps!

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