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Can Patient with ESRD Get A Chance to Avoid Dialysis

2016-01-14 16:19

Can Patient with ESRD Get A Chance to Avoid DialysisOne of my relative he has got end stage renal disease and i want to know whether he can get a chance to avoid dialysis. He is just 35 years old and can urine like normal person. Besides the swelling in legs he has no other serious symptoms.

As we all know ESRD is hard to be cured, but with proper treatment it can be controlled well, that is to say as long as your relative can get a proper treatment he can get a chance to avoid dialysis.

Why your relative can get the chance to avoid dialysis?

1. you know the basic cause of the kidney disease is lack of the blood and oxygen in kidney cells. from your description, although he has been at the end of the kidney failure stage. but his urine volume is okay, which means most of the blood and oxygen still can through his kidney cells. there is potential for him to improve his damaged kidney cells.

2. for his reports , although much toxin in his body, but his electrolyte is basically normal. Besides, for now except for the swelling in legs, he has no other serious discomfort, such vomiting, heart failure, breath problem. relatively speaking, as kidney failure patient, his condition is not too bad to get the treatment.

3.he is just 35 years old and still do not take the dialysis, no other history disease. compared with the old patient, there is good organism to recover.

So as a doctor i recommend him to take the alternative treatment timely, so that he can get his kidney function improved earlier and then to live a better life without dialysis.

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