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Is It Possible for ESRD Patient to Avoid Dialysis

2016-01-20 13:37

Is It Possible for ESRD Patient to Avoid DialysisI am a kidney disease patient with high creatinine level, the doctor told me that my disease has progressed into the end stage, but i have no any serious symptoms, just anemia and lower calcium level. I want to know can i have a chance to avoid dialysis ?

In general, most of the patient with end stage of renal disease they need to take dialysis to relieve those symptoms they suffered. However, for your case, I am very glad to tell you you still have a chance to avoid dialysis.

Why you as a esrd patient you still have a chance to avoid dialysis?

Although you are in the last stage of kidney disease but as you told that you have not developed any serious symptoms like nausea, shortness of breath (Once those discomforts appear, you will have to start dialysis immediately), so if you can get some other proper treatment to help you prevent your disease from going worse, then you have great chance to avoid dialysis.

As you know, dialysis is a life-saving method for kidney failure patients. However, it can not treat kidney failure nor improve renal function at all. What's worse, it can affect the life quality and shorten life span significantly due to complications. So as a patient you’d better take this chance to improve your disease condition so that you can live a quality life without dialysis.

In one word, at present, you still have not developed any serious discomforts and symptoms. If you can protect your residual renal function well and improve it on this base, you will be able to avoid the onset of dialysis. Therefore, it is urgent for you to have a systematic treatment in time.

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