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How to Activate the Damaged Kidney And Avoid Dialysis for ESRD Patients

2016-02-07 10:30

ESRD treatment,Avoid Dialysis, Activate the Damaged KidneyHow to active the damaged kidney and avoid dialysis for ESRD patients? You know, the End Stage Renal Disease is the most serious stage of kidney disease, and in which stage the kidney has been damaged seriously. And dialysis and kidney transplant are two common treatments be considered by ESRD patients. While, there is no one willing to do the dialysis and kidney transplant.

Why the ESRD patients don’t want to take dialysis?

You may surprise why most kidney disease patients don’t want to do the dialysis. If you read the following article, you may know the reasons. It needs three or four hours for ESRD patients to do the dialysis every time. and the dialysis always brings a lot of painful side effects to them, including of vomiting, low blood pressure, muscle cramps, fever and so on, which aggravate the pains of kidney disease patients. As well as, I am sorry to tell you the dialysis can not activated the damaged kidney, it may worsen gradually. Form which, you can know why the ESRD patients are not willing to do the dialysis.

Replaced therapy for ESRD patients to activate damaged kidney and avoid dialysis

Stem cells therapy is one of the most advanced therapies in dealing with the ESRD. Stem cells are pluripotent cells with strong power to activate the damaged kidney. They are new and immature cells which have a lot of potential various tissues and organs. Certain stem cells can be injected into ESRD patients’ bodies, then self-healing ability will be activated and disease cells will be controlled. Then the number of normal cells will be increased a lot and at the same time, the quality of the cells will be improved ,too. This therapy can treat the ESRD form root, so the patients who apply it don’t need to do the dialysis any more.

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