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What Remedies Could Be Used For Stage Five Kidney Disease

2017-12-22 13:53

What Remedies Could Be Used For Stage Five Kidney DiseasePatient 11-23 04:33:15

What remedies could be used for stage five kidney disease?

Kidney-expert 11-23 04:33:47

There are so much treatments to help the stage five kidney disease patients, including Dialysis, Steroids, Chinese Medicine, Kidney Transplant and so on. However, if you want to be treated better, you would better to option treatments according to your special illness conditions. Do you know what cause the kidney damage?

Patient 11-23 04:34:24

No. It is either high pressure or diabetes.

Kidney-expert 11-23 04:34:37

I see. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, improper diets, irregular living style, infection, cold and other conditions can lead to more kidney damage. So that, please take good care of yourselves in daily life. Do you have any discomforts?

Patient 11-23 04:35:38

Dark urine, nausea, weakness and itching skin. Would your treatments help me avoid dialysis and transplant? What is the success rate? And is it really safe?

Kidney-expert 11-23 04:36:16

Please do not worry. We mainly use Chinese medicines combined Western medicines to help the patients protect the healthy cells and repair the diseased renal tissues with no significant side effects. What is more, the patients must take the right medicines which are picked up on the basis of the patients’ illness conditions. Or else, the disease will be worsened or even lead to life risk.

Patient 11-23 04:37:34

Can I be cured with our treatments? What is the cost?

Kidney-expert 11-23 04:38:04

I need to know more about you conditions. Can you send your medical reports to me? By the way, limited words here, would we communicate with each other through e-mail, phone or other measures?

Patient 11-23 04:42:08

Thank you very much. My e-mail ID is.

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