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How Can High Blood Pressure Impair Kidneys and Induce Creatinine Level Increase

2014-09-17 15:18

How Can High Blood Pressure Impair Kidneys and Induce Creatinine Level Increase  How can high blood pressure impair kidneys and induce creatinine level increase ? Here I would like to explain it to you and hoping it can help you in some way.

In fact, long-term high blood pressure will put extra strain on those small blood vessels in the kidneys. Over time, those small blood vessels will become exhausted and fail the normal function. Those small blood vessels consist of five types of functional cells. In hypertensive nephropathy, the renal tubular epithelial cells are firstly affected. Once the cells are damaged, they will attract more inflammatory factors and other harmful substances to kidneys. If these harmful substances cannot be removed in time, then more and more inflammatory factors will infiltrate into kidneys, so more and more cells will be involved.

In normal condition, the kidneys will discharge the wastes and toxins out of the body, after it damaged those waste including creatinine will build up in the body. With the kidney function deterioration, the creatinine level will increases to a high level, thus a series symptoms will occurred.

So the mainly things in this phase is to control the high blood pressure so as to reduce the damage to the kidneys. After it get controlled, you need to take a systematic treatment which may help you to repair the damaged kidneys and lower the high creatinine level. In Western Medicine, there is no good ways to cure kidney disease, therapies like hormonotherapy and dialysis just can help to delay the progression of this disease. So now people turn to seek help from Chinese Herb Medicines-a new and effective ways for the treatment of this disease.

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