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Where Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

2013-09-25 11:32

Patient: I am in USA and I am in stage 4 CKD with a creatinine level of 2.7. I am a patient of diabetes and high blood pressure and I suffer goat in the past. I was reading about Micro-Chinese Medicine osmotherapy and it is any way that I can receive the treatment in USA? Can do the therapy at home with your instructions and following?

Where Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyAnswer: When your illness condition get stable, you can receive Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy at home with doctor’s instructions and followings, but the precondition is that you need to come to China for treatment and observation firstly.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herbal treatment that works through a group of Chinese herbs which are proven to be able to activate and repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. There are different kinds of micro-Chinese medicine and they show different effects in different cases. Without having an overall understanding about your illness condition, we do not know which kind of micro-Chinese medicine will be helpful and also, we can not predict what treatment effects you can expect.

You are in CKD stage 4 now, if no effective treatment is given, your illness condition will run to stage 5 which will ask you to start dialysis or kidney transplant. Thus, receiving effective treatment to stop your illness from progressing is of great importance.

We have treated kidney disease patients from more than 60 countries with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and they indeed receive satisfactory treatment effects. Therefore, I suggest you to seize your chance to get your kidney condition improved as soon as possible, otherwise, dialysis will be needed in near future.

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