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What is the Cause of Presence of Red Sand Like Particles During Urination

2014-12-13 11:22

What is the Cause of Presence of Red Sand Like Particles During UrinationA:Hi, doctor: I have noticed that on urination, once every few weeks there will be Red Sand Like Particles in the urine. What is the cause of it ? How is it treated?

I am being treated for a bladder infection. I had pain on urination, which is not present now. The black dots have been there for 6 weeks, they recur infrequently. The size is like a small dot. the consistency is soft. my doctor says I have a tiny kidney stone. First time for this. first time for blood in urine. do not have a report to send you. Can you give me an Idea. I am taking Levoflaxicin for a bladder infection and i am on day 4.

Q:Hello, sir: A urinary tract infection itself can cause such debris in urine.You are already on antibiotics now. If these are persisting even after completing the antibiotic course, go further.

There are two possibilities-either these can be, as your doctor told, tiny stones passing through urine or these may indicate small blood clots.

If it is tiny stones, need not be worried unless you are symptomatic. Otherwise, if it is blood clots, needs attention and evaluation for the underlying cause.

After an abdominal examination, we just need two simple investigations-a urine microscopy(especially with a sample containing the said particles) and an ultrasound scanning. These will tell us the exact cause;otherwise, we may need further imaging like CT scanning,endoscopyetc, depending on the USG findings.

Management will depend on these investigation findings. Your doctor will guide you through these steps. If you need any help in treating your disease or have other question, do not hesitant to contact our online doctor or send email to us, we will try our best to help you. Our email: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com.

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