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Peritoneal Dialysis and Throwing Up

2013-10-05 14:45

Patient: Is there any link between peritoneal dialysis and throwing up? My mom has kidney failure and is on dialysis. Recently, she has been vomiting a lot. Why is this? What he feels like wanting to throw up?

Peritoneal Dialysis and Throwing UpDoctor: Is there any link between peritoneal dialysis and throwing up? As for this question, I have to say “Yes”. Throwing up or vomiting is a complication of peritoneal dialysis, and this is the reason why many kidney failure patients complain they feel like vomiting often after they start dialysis.

Throwing up or vomiting is one of the complications or side effects of peritoneal dialysis and it usually occurs due to the following several factors.

1. Inadequate dialysis

Both peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis can replace damaged kidneys to filter blood. However, this does not mean all the toxins in blood can be removed successfully. In some cases, creatinine level and urea nitrogen level in blood are still higher than the normal value after dialysis. These toxins stimulate digestive tract, which may cause vomiting or feeling of wanting throw up.

2. Pressure in the stomach from dialysis fluid

Peritoneal dialysis is a blood purification method in medicine. The process uses the patient’s peritoneum in the abdomen as a membrane across which fluids and dissolved substances are exchanged from the blood. For patients who are on peritoneal dialysis, they may feel want to throw up due to the pressure in the stomach from dialysis fluid.

There are different causes for vomiting in peritoneal dialysis, and with different causes, we need to take different measures. I suggest you to send your mom’s test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Our nephrologists will help to analyze and then offer some practical suggestions.

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