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Advanced Renal Disease with Ccreatinine 4.1 How to Cure It

2015-05-14 16:41

Advanced Renal Disease with Ccreatinine 4.1 How to Cure ItQ: My mother is suffering from advanced renal disease and her creatine level is 4.1 now. She had high pressure but now she has it controlled and also her haemoglobin level in blood which is down to 7.7. I want to know to cure it.

A: Hello sir/madam, I suggest your mom follow low-salt diet, no smoking and drinking without spicy or greasy food, do not stay up too late and adhere to keep balance between work and rest. Also she must avoid catching cold or get infection because it is very easy to make kidneys infected.

While for your mom's case, right now the damage of her kidney has already been very serious, so simple diet control can not control her condition anymore, that's also the reason why her hemoglobin level became so low (7.7). Because kidneys can produce enough EPO, while EPO is the important material to produce hemoglobin. But currently, due to the severe damage of her kidneys it caused insufficient production of EPO, that's the reason why her hemoglobin is so low. You can give mom some EPO injection to relieve her severe anemia temprorily, however, if she wants to solve this anemia problem fundamentally, she must restore her kidney function. Besides, her blood pressure used to be high and if her bp could not under control, it will aggravate her kidney damage to cause further decrease of her kidney function.

Right now her creatinine is not too high (4.1), so if she could take systemic treatment timely, she can get completely recovery and no need to do dialysis.

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