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I am Undergoing Dialysis and My Creatinine Level is 12 How Can I Lower It

2015-06-20 16:46

I am Undergoing Dialysis and My Creatinine Level is 12 How Can I Lower ItI have undergone dialysis for 10 sessions but my creatinine level is still high up to 12, how can I lower it ? By the way, I have high blood pressure for almost 8 years.

From you stated, i know that you are now suffering from Hypertension Nephropathy. Your creatinine level is high, and that means your kidney functions have been damaged a lot. Because creatinine is the standard to judge the kidney function. It is the waste caused by the muscle, and when the kidneys have been damaged, then the waste and toxins cannot be removed outside the body, and then they will deposit in the body. So the ways to reduce the creatinine level are to find some methods to discharge it or regain the kidney function(when the kidney function increase, the toxins will be removed and the creatinine level will be decreased).

As we all know that dialysis is one of the common way to lower the high creatinine level but for your condition it doesn’t work, so the only way should be improve the kidney function.

How to improve the kidney function ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine it has four main functions that are anti-coagulation, anti-thrombosis, anti-inflammation and enlarge blood vessels. By those four functions, the damaged kidney tissues can be repaired and the residual ones can be protected from further damage. In such a way the kidney function can be improved gradually.

With the kidney function improved, the high creatinine level caused by lower kidney function can be improved with it.

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