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Kidney Cyst 4.5cm How to Prevent It from Growing Bigger

2015-06-22 16:54

Kidney Cyst 4.5cm How to Prevent It from Growing BiggerHow to prevent kidney cysts from growing bigger ? Generally speaking the kidney cysts (benign) not need to be removed as long as the patient has no other symptoms, but once the cysts is bigger than 4.5 cm it will bring some symptoms and make damage to the kidneys and other organs, so how to prevent the kidney cysts from growing bigger is a big problem for kidney cysts patient.

The normal ways to deal with the kidney cyst

You may have a procedure that involves these steps:

A doctor punctures the cyst with a long needle inserted through theskin, using ultrasound for guidance.

The doctor drains (aspirates) the cyst and may then fill the empty pouch with a solution that contains alcohol; this causes the tissue to harden and lowers the chances of recurrence. Scarring down the space within the cyst is called sclerosis.

In some cases, a cyst will return and refill with fluid. Your doctor may recommend surgery to remove the cyst. It will work for simple cysts but not the complex cysts.

The newest treatment of kidney cyst

Chinese Herb Medicine bring a new way to treat kidney cyst, that can solve the kidney problem without make further damage to the kidneys and other organs. This kind of therapy can work for both simple and complex cysts, by shrinking and inhibit the growth of kidney cyst, it have great effect in preventing the cysts to grow bigger.

So once you found the cyst, you should make further diagnosis to make sure that it is benign or not, then take corresponding measures. If you have other questions or need any help in treating kidney cyst, do not hesitant to contact our doctor by email, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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