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Can Kidney Cysts Cause Blood in the Urine

2015-08-10 17:50

Can kidney cysts cause blood in the urine ? In fact, blood in urine often appears in those Kidney Cysts patients, so why patient will suffer it and the treatment of it are two hot topic among those kidney cysts patients.

Why cysts on kidney can cause blood in urine ?

1. The cysts become larger and larger as they grow older. What are the consequences? Renal tissues will be suppressed by long-term oppression and thus kidney function is affected accordingly.

2. One’s blood pressure increases as long as hematuria appears.

3. Cyst decortications or paracentesis is taken once the cysts are large than 5cm. western treatments for Kidney Cysts work but often relapse. Once cysts become larger, kidney function declines progressively.

Why people should pay high attention to blood in urine ?

If the blood in urine lasts for a long time or presents as scarlet, sometimes coagula is excreted, for this kind of patients with Kidney Cyst, serious anemia might develop. Under such circumstances, the patients’ count of blood cells drop sharply in blood, his or her clotting mechanism might be get involved too. Blood transfusion might be used once the patients with Kidney Cysts suffer from serious anemia so as to avoid coma or even death.

How to treat blood in urine caused by kidney cysts ?

Chinese and western medicines are two major treatments for Kidney Cysts. Before applying the treatments, the cause of blood in urine should be detected in the first place.

The patients should taking good rest in bed once they suffer from hematuria. Intensive exercises should be avoided since it might aggravate the condition.

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