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What to Take for Leg Pain that Dialysis Patients Have

2013-10-29 15:07

Question: What can my mother take for her constant leg pain? She is a dialysis patient and goes 3 days a week. She takes a lot of tynol which is not good for her. Do you have any other suggestions?

What to Take for Leg Pain that Dialysis Patients HaveAnswer: Firstly, I’d like to ask do you know what causes her constant leg pain? Leg pain is a common complain among dialysis patients and it may result from different factors. Without knowing the exact cause, it is very hard for us to give specific suggestions. We should be responsible for every patient.

In cases of kidney failure, the most common causes for leg pain go as follow:

1. Frequent leg cramp

Frequent leg cramp is one of the leading causes for dialysis patients to have pain feeling in the legs and this condition is especially common among people who have severe fluid imbalance and low potassium. To alleviate this condition in such a case, dialysis patients need to regulate their fluid intake and try to eat much more high potassium foods like banana, spinach, white beans, salmon, avocados and white mushrooms and so on.

2. Low calcium level in the blood

Extreme low calcium level is another cause for dialysis patients to experience leg pain and it is usually accompanied with high phosphorus level in blood. Calcium is an important part of our bone. When calcium level in blood is very low, bone problems occur. Leg pain is just one of the common bone problems. Aside from it, dialysis patients may also experience bone fracture and osteoporosis and so on.

We are not clear about the real cause of your mother’s leg pain, so it is hard for us to give some suggestions. To be responsible, I suggest you send your mother’s test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. We will help her to analyze her illness and then give some suggestions.

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