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Must I Do Dialysis with Creatinine Level 3

2013-10-31 10:47

Question: I am detected with creatinine level 3. I am advised for peritoneal dialysis. Is it must to do? Can I live with out any dialysis?

Must I Do Dialysis with Creatinine Level 3Answer: Hi, dialysis is not a must now as your creatinine level 3 is not high enough to require dialysis. However, if no treatment is given, your kidney function will keep decreasing. Kidney services us as a filter and helps to remove wastes produced in the body. Therefore, with the decrease of kidney function, creatinine level will become higher and higher. Usually, dialysis is suggested when serum creatinine is as high as 5, but not everyone will definitely start dialysis at that time. For some kidney failure patients, they do not start dialysis until their life is really threatened. Besides, people with kidney failure caused by Diabetic Nephropathy usually start dialysis earlier, and they may be asked to do dialysis when their creatinine increases 4.5. so what is the real cause of your kidney problem and high creatinine level?

Dialysis helps to purify blood because it can discharge excess creatinine and urea nitrogen in blood. However, it is unable to restore kidney function, so when kidneys are failed completely, dialysis is must if you can not find a matched kidney for kidney transplant. Now your creatinine level is 3 and it is not high enough to start dialysis for you. Therefore, if you can get your injured kidney intrinsic cells repaired and impaired kidney function improved, it is quite possible for you to live without dialysis. As for the treatment that can help to stop creatinine level from further increase, Chinese medicine is recommended. Chinese medicine is not the only treatment for kidney disease, but it is the only one that can improve kidney function without causing side effects or discomforts. Therefore, compared with other treatments, Chinese medicine is more preferable. Kidney is responsible for excreting creatinine level, so as long as your kidney function is improved, your creatinine level 3 will be decreased effectively.

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