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Diabetes, Creatinine 4.5: Is There Any Treatment Aside from Dialysis

2013-11-02 16:08

Question: My father-in-law who is 77 has diabetes for quite some time. He is now having creatinine 4.5. Doctor said dialysis will be needed soon, but he does not want to go for dialysis at all? Is there any other treatment aside from dialysis?

Diabetes, Creatinine 4.5: Is There Any Treatment Aside from DialysisAnswer: Hi, before answering your question, I’d like to ask does your father-in-law still have urine output or not? Does he have any severe discomforts like itchy skin, nausea and vomiting?

Kidney disease caused by Diabetes is called Diabetic Nephropathy in medicine. Similar with other kinds of chronic kidney problem, Diabetic Nephropathy can also develop to kidney failure if not controlled well. And compared with people with other kinds of kidney problem, Diabetic Nephropathy patients need to start dialysis earlier.

You said the creatinine level of your father-in-law is 4.5 and it is very high. In such a case, if your father is suffering nausea, vomiting and itchy skin, I suggest him to do dialysis quickly for life safety. However, this does not mean he will do dialysis forever. Dialysis is the most direct way to purify blood and your father needs it to protect internal organs from being damaged by toxins build up in the blood. When his illness condition gets stable, he can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which has been widely used by kidney disease patients from more than 60 countries.

Several months ago, we treated a patient from Papua New Guinea. He is a patient of CKD stage 5 and after the treatment in our hospital, he get off dialysis successfully. Here is the related information and if you are interested, you can have a visit: Say Goodbye to Dialysis.

Lastly, kidney is the organ that helps to produce urine. Urine output means there are still healthy kidney tissues. Under such a condition, it is quite possible to get kidney function improved. Therefore, as long as your father-in-law has urine output, there is chance for him to get off dialysis.

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