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Kidney Cyst 2.4CM: Need I to Worry It

2016-12-03 16:40

Q: The recent ultrasound shown there is a cyst in my right kidney, it is 2.4cm, need i to worry about that?

A: To be frankly, you need not to worry about that too much, because this disease can be cured by timely treatment. In the following i will give you more details about kidney cyst, hoping it can help you.

Kidney cyst 2.4cm is small (less than 3cm) will not cause any symptoms and discomforts, so a particular treatment will not be needed. Doctor might just leave kidney cyst 2.4cm alone, but regular checks to make sure the condition stable is needed.

However, different people have different situations. Some patients with kidney cyst 2.4cm may have the rapid growth speed of cysts, in that case, the cyst can oppress the surrounding kidney tissues and causes pain in the back and abdomen. Some serious cases may have hydronephrosis, fever, blood in urine or urinary tract infections and so on.

So patients with kidney cyst 2.4cm should keep a healthy living habit and reasonable diet, which can help slow down the progression of kidney cyst. If you are suffering some obvious symptoms, the corresponding western medicines can help relieve these symptoms to some extent. Once kidney function has been damaged, the most important thing is to take the proper treatment to shrink the cyst and try to enhance kidney function, which can help prevent Chronic Renal Failure.

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