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Is It Need to Remove All of the Kidney Cysts

2016-12-05 15:03

Q: It is known that not all of the cysts will grow too big, but some may. What’s worse, with those cysts grown bigger and bigger, it will press the kidneys and other organs and bring some serious symptoms and complications which will affect the patient’s life greatly. Then, is it need to remove all of the kidney cysts?

A: Renal cysts are, generally speaking, a type called simple renal cysts. According to research, up to 27% of individuals over 50 years old may live with simple renal cysts but with no symptoms. Furthermore, the disease doesn't cause signs or symptoms and requires no treatment.

However, Kidney Cysts do result in symptoms as it grows up to 10cm diameter. Signs or symptoms include dull pain in back or side, fever, or upper abdominal pain etc.

So from the above we can know that not all of the kidney cysts should be removed, even though, you also should pay high attention to those cysts.

How can patients remove kidney cyst without hurt kidneys?

In general, puncturing or surgery will be in demand to deal with the cysts after it grown big enough. However, those common ways can not remove the cysts forever. Moreover, they may make further damage to the kidneys and other organs.

Compared with puncturing or surgery, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat kidney cyst in a more natural way. It can shrink the size of those cysts and inhibit them from growing. So with the help of this therapy, kidney cyst patient can remove cysts without hurt kidneys.

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