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Is It Appropriate to Stop ACEI in A Diabetic With High Creatinine

2013-11-12 11:21

Patient: My mother has had diabetic for 10 years, and she also has hypotension. To control her hypertension, she takes ACEi regularly. However, her latest blood test shows high creatinine 1.7. Should she stop ACEi?

Is It Appropriate to Stop ACEI in A Diabetic With High CreatinineDoctor: From your description, your mother has a history of long-term diabetes. In clinic, high creatinine level is one reliable indicator for kidney function. Since your mother’s creatinine level is 1.7, it may indicate her kidneys are damaged due to diabetes and hypertension. Also, high creatinine level may result from long-term use of ACEi.

Therefore, before stopping this medication, you had better make sure what causes the increase of your mother’s creatinine level. If it is due to diabetes and hypertension, your mother may need to continue to take ACEi for preventing further kidney damage and controlling hypertension. Also, this medication can help stop protein from leaking into urine.

However, she may have to stop it if creatinine 1.7 is due to regular usage of ACEi. Consult your doctor or online doctor to find out alternative anti-hypertensive drugs to ACEi. Before this, some tests including urine tests, GFR tests, etc, are needed to detect her overall health condition as well as kidney condition.

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