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Any Tips for the Bruising on the Arm from Hemodialysis

2017-08-01 14:06

Any Tips for the Bruising on the Arm from HemodialysisCanadian Guest 07-31 00:25:32

Any tips for the bruising on the arm from hemodialysis?

kidney-expert 07-31 00:25:42

Yes. Your symptom is the side effect of hemodialysis. You can smear some medicine on arm and massage the arm to relieve it after dialysis. But this way can not help you prevent the discomfort coming out.

kidney-expert 07-31 00:25:50

You can take some Chinese medicines to alleviate the symptom. Also these treatments can help you improve the renal function and prolong the period of dialysis.

kidney-expert 07-31 00:25:58

I need to know more information so as to give you more correct suggestion. If you do not mind, please send your test reports to me. Then, how long have you been on dialysis?

Canadian Guest 07-31 00:26:09

Thanks, yes. He just started this week.

kidney-expert 07-31 00:27:28

It is not too long time. How about his urine output?

Canadian Guest 07-31 00:28:30

It is good.

kidney-expert 07-31 00:31:15

For his case, there are chances for him to get rid of dialysis, and thus he can live a better life. He would take a comprehensive treatment including diet therapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy and Immunotherapy to alleviate the symptoms, clean up poisons and recover the diseased kidney.

Canadian Guest 07-31 00:34:26

Again thanks.

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