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How to Get Rid Off this Dialysis Stage

2017-08-31 11:36

How to Get Rid Off this Dialysis StagePakistan Guest 08-28 01:37:33

Hello, my father age is 67 years old and he is facing kidney failure since he is doing dialysis twice in a week.

kidney-expert 08-28 01:37:50

How long has he been on dialysis?

Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:38:04

2 years.

kidney-expert 08-28 01:38:24

Does he still pass urine?

Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:38:48

Yes, but sometimes urine occurs blockage.

kidney-expert 08-28 01:38:53

Does he have high blood pressure and diabetes?

Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:39:16

Have only high blood pressure.

kidney-expert 08-28 01:39:24

Dialysis is not a good options for kidney disease patients. Your father’s kidney function will be less and less with dialysis. For your father’s case, there are still ways to help him recover the kidney function naturally.

Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:40:02

Please advice how to get rid off this dialysis stage.

kidney-expert 08-28 01:40:16

Your father can take an alternative treatment like Toxin-Removing Therapy to clean up the toxins and wastes. Meanwhile, he need to take the natural treatments to recover the kidney function. Only when the kidney is restored, can your father get rid of dialysis totally. If you do not mind, please send the medical reports to me. And thus, I will give you more treatment information to you correctly.

Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:40:51

If I will send my father to china? His treatment is possible or not.

kidney-expert 08-28 01:41:07

Yes. Your father need to take a series of specific examinations in our hospital and then receive the natural treatments according to his current illness condition so as to be treated better.

Pakistan Guest 08-28 01:41:21

OK, Thanks.

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