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Can Creatinine 3.02 be Reversed in Diabetic Patients

2017-09-13 11:14

http://www.kidney-treatment.org/faqs/3241.htmlGuest 09-11 14:02:21

Hi, I am a type to diabetic 46 years female. Had a Test done this week. My creatinine was 3.02. Is this kidney failure? Do I need dialysis? Can this be reversed?

kidney-expert 09-11 14:03:04

You don't need dialysis now. Merely according to your creatinine level, your are in the stage 3 kidney disease which is near kidney failure. It is a key time for you to reverse the kidney disease. I need to know more about your personally information. Do you have back pain or protein in urine now?

Guest 09-11 14:03:27


kidney-expert 09-11 14:03:49

Do you have history of hypertension, kidney problem, infection or other illness?

Guest 09-11 14:03:59


kidney-expert 09-11 14:04:04

OK. Do you control your blood sugar well?

Guest 09-11 14:05:12

I take some tables to stable the blood sugar, but it wings sometimes.

kidney-expert 09-11 14:06:07

Well, you should pay more attention to your diets, not only for reduce the fluctuations of blood sugar, but also prevent your kidney from further damage. As a matter of Fact, there are some differences of the diet plans as the patients have the various illness conditions. If you want to gain a food list, please send your medical reports to me, and thus I will send your the details to you.

Guest 09-11 14:06:25

I know. Is there any treatment I need to do to reverse it?

kidney-expert 09-11 14:06:35

Have you heard about Chinese medicine? It can help the patients recover fundamentally and safely.

Guest 09-11 14:06:42

Can you explain it for me here?

kidney-expert 09-11 14:07:23

Chinese medicine is a series of treatments including Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and so on. How about this, give me your contact information, I will send the detailed information about treatments and diets to you.

Guest 09-11 14:06:44

OK, I will send you the medical reports later. Please chick it and reply me as soon as possible.

kidney-expert 09-11 14:07:23

OK. I will send it to you in 24 hours.

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